Closet staples~

5 closet staples that every girl needs. 

Chambrey Shirt-so versatile, this is my second one. I wore the other one to threads. Thank goodness JCrew has made the same one for years!
Fur Vest– real or fake, you will wear it in so many ways. 
White Jeans-I love the legging style and can wear them all year. 
Brown Booties-comfortable and under $60. 
Light Brown Bag– I prefer a more red brown or “saddle tan” color because it works with black so great. I always try to buy a simple looking style that will go with a lot but has some details to make it special. I especially like an additional strap. My bag is Valentino(color not available anymore)(old) but the one linked has similar details and shape. My bag was an unexpected Xmas gift from Andy. I love it. 

I try to buy clothes and accessories that can work into what I already own. All of these pieces are closet staples and will be used countless times over the years. 

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