Styling a Chunky Sweater~ 

This is one of my favorite sweater styles. Oversized sweaters can be intimidating because they have no hanger appeal and can seem bulky and unflattering. This isn’t true. If you style it right, it looks chic, cozy and classy. 

Hair: I always wear my hair up to create a lengthening effect. My hair getting tangled in a cowl neck or turtle neck makes me feel big and bear like. Accessories: I also keep the jewelry to a minimum. Emphasize a dangle earring and cute bracelets but leave the neck naked so the eye doesn’t stop from head to toe. Add some skinny jeans, boots and a bag and you’ve got an easy and comfy look. 

Special shout out about the jeans- I don’t spend a lot on jeans as a general rule but these are special. The story of Imogene and Willie is heartwarming. The husband and wife team make all their denim here in the USA and sell them out of a old gas station turned shop in Nashville. They lit a match in that forgotten area of town and now it has cute shops, cafes, restaurants and bars. Andy and I visited I&W while in Nashville and both treated ourselves to some great fitting jeans. Fashion is the perfect souvenir. I&W jeans can be spotted with a + sign on the leg. Such a unique detail. 

Sweater:Joie/Jeans:Imogene and Willie/Booties:BP/Bag:Valentino-similar here/Earrings:Jcrew-similar here/Lip:Armani

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