Gucci Marmont Collection(stole my heart)

Last weekend I was going on and on to my sister-in-law about how much I loved this Gucci bag and how I don’t need another bag, but I always want one! She texted Andy(my husband)the next day and told him this would be a great Valentine’s Day gift for me. Love her!!!! He immediately found it and since he can’t wait to give gifts, he surprised me with it the same day it was delivered. I am thrilled!

 I have been obsessing over the whole Gucci Marmont collection and especially loved this lavender/pink color, the size and shape of the bag. I didn’t know it, but it has a heart on the back and it’s so darn cute! The antique gold chain looks so nice against the pink and can be worn cross body or doubled up to go over the shoulder. I like the versatility of a day to night size and chain style. I don’t have anything this size and style so it is a welcome addition to my “collection”. I say it in quotes because I’m sure every man does an eye roll when he hears that. Ha! 

Since the bag is such a vibrant color, I went neutral with the styling. I choose the Articles of Society jeans AGAIN, because they are so comfortable and soft like leggings. I have 4 pairs of their denim and love them all. Very flattering. The linked pair above are under $40. The grey sweater is from a couple years ago when Victoria Secret sold clothes(don’t know why hey stopped?) but here and here are very similar and great prices. The booties are BP from Nordstrom under $85. I have 2 colors in these because they are so cute and have a good mid height heel. Sunnies are Rayban in Fucshia Mirror. Love this style and have collected several colors over the years! 

Makeup geeks will understand the excitement I felt when I found a lipstick that perfectly matched the color of the Gucci bag. It’s very nerdy but it made me happy. The lipstick is Maybelline in Petal Pink under $5 and I really like the formula. Very pigmented. It’s disappointing to me when I get a vibrant pink lipstick and it goes on like a sheer balm. Boo! This is rich, creamy and the color really shows. 

I’m really looking forward to styling this bag in spring with floral dresses, pastel colors or all white. Yay! I will be sure to post those looks. 

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