Favorite Hair Care Products~

I admit—I am obsessed with my hair. For years I have been on a mission to grow it out, and it’s finally long! 

I don’t dye my hair, and I don’t wear extensions(tempting). I would love the volume extensions can give, but I am not willing to spend the money and Andy would freak. (He is so creeped out by fake hair!) 

My hair is normal texture and straight. A lot of people tell me that I have thick hair, but I don’t. I just have a ton of normal hair. It takes a lot to get it to hold a curl —that is where heat protection products and a really hot curling iron come in. I’ve admitted in a previous post that I only wash my hair 1-2 times per week and it has really helped me keep my hair healthy and make my curls last. 

STEP 1: WASHING/CONDITIONING I use this shampoo to wash my hair twice before using the this conditioner. It smells amazing and really leaves my hair clean and soft. I use this deep conditioner every other day to combat all the heat styling and my desert climate. 

STEP 2: STYLE                                            This giant comb is amazing. It slides through my hair and doesn’t rip it out, although the amount of hair that comes off my head is shocking and gross! Guys totally don’t understand the shedding-sorry honey. I use this heat protector and leave-in conditioner before using this blow dryer that never dies. I’ve had it for so many years. After my hair is dry, I use a heat styling spray before curling it.  I use this curling iron. After curling, I use a light misting of the heat styling spray followed by hairspray. My faves are Rusk and Sebastian. I like the hold without the crunch. I want to be able to run my fingers through my hair. 

For a refresh, I swear by Suave dry shampoo. I’ve tried so many and always come back to this drug store gold!! It’s the best!

I really enjoy trying new products, drug store and high end. Some work, some don’t. Hope my suggestions help. 

Brush: Mason Pearson (spendy but worth it) 

Tangle Teezer– amaze for long wet hair. It really helps to detangle the rats nest. Ugh! 
Scrunchies are back! I’m so sad I threw away my collection from middle school. I wear my hair in a bun while I sleep and secure it with a scrunchie so it doesn’t get dented. The bun also keeps my hair from getting flat and sweaty. 

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