Wedding Shower styling~

Wedding season has started here in Sunny Arizona. It’s heating up and the afternoons are perfect for an outdoor wedding. We have 3 coming up so I will need to get creative with dresses and styling. 

This look was thrown together last minute because what I originally had in mind didn’t work so well. Oops! This sweater is a JCrew classic, lightweight and I love a V neck. The midi skirt was a score at Old navy(similar Gap)of all places and I have been able to rework it in so many ways. It’s cotton and can really work all year. The sandals are Steve Madden and are available in so many colors. I love this dark pink though. It just adds a little spice to the look. My Gucci bag is on serious repeat but it just works with everything and is the perfect size. No shame in my game. Ha!

Here are some other options for wedding, baby and Easter styling. I like my clothes to be able to do double duty. 

Chiffon Maxi in blue floral: Here shoe option: Here

Boho chic dress: Here shoe option: Here 

Both options could work for Easter or any other spring event. More bang for the buck!

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