Marc Jacobs Highliners Review~

Top swatch(charcoal) is color 45 (IRON)Y buy Here

Bottom swatch(dark brown) is color 41 (EARTH)QUAKE buy Here

These liners are so creamy it’s amazing. Even more amazing is the fact that they are long wearing! I am in love with the formula and the easy glide feel. They are a beautiful matte finish and have lots of pigment.

 I stand by Urban Decay and their 24hr liners but these might rival them. 

The Marc Highliners glide on just as smoothly as the Urban decay liners but the difference I noticed right away is that the Marc liners are self sharpening. All you do to sharpen is twist the bottom, swipe on a tissue and you are ready to go. I really like this feature. I’m sold. 

FYI-I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

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