David Yurman Favorites Round up~

I can never have just 1! I received my first David Yurman cable bracelet a couple years ago as a gift from Andy(my hubbs). It was the larger style with Aquamarine stones Here. I loved it and was hooked. David Yurman offers so many styles and they look so pretty together that I have been collecting them ever since. They look great alone but even better all stacked up. I also really like that David Yurman offers a range of price points and has a range for the age of the client purchasing. I love wearing Yurman, but so does my Mom. 

My two recent pieces were a Valentine’s gift from my sweet husband. He knows I love Yurman and that makes gift shopping so easy. They are here and here. I love the pink tourmaline stone in the renaissance style. The gold disc is also very neutral and goes with all of my other pieces. 

Here are some of my other picks: 

Small cable with gold tipsSmall cable with Lapis tipsTiny cable with gold hook
Drooling over these:

Gold small cable with gorg blue stones– this also comes in a baby pink color that is to die for! Add that to the list also. Yikes! This Morganite with diamonds in the classic style is so pretty but wow, is it expensive! Sheesh! That’s why it’s on this list. For that kind of money, I’ll buy a bag. Who’s with me? 
Have a great week everyone!

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