Pink Coat Sunday~

This weekend has flown by! I always look forward to Sunday because I love our new church and always feel so happy after I leave. 

In other news, Andy came home from a Suns basketball game Friday night and needed help getting his boot off because he sprained his ankle really bad. Sheesh! Workout or sports injury? Nope, him and his brother thought it would be really fun to entertain our niece by Andy standing on a swing while getting pushed really high. I guess he was pushed a little too high because he jumped off and landed wrong on his right foot! His foot was so swollen that I had a lot of trouble yanking the boot off. I can’t imagine how it felt for him, or maybe I can. Each time I’d try to pull it off he’d yell ouch! Not fun. He seems to be doing better each day. Elevating it and ice seem to be the cure all for ankle sprains. 

Hope everyone had a blessed weekend. 

Coat:Shop Bop Dress:Nordstrom(similar) Shoes:Valentino Dupes Here Earrings: David Yurman Sunnies:Rayban

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